Laravel Integration / Seamless??

Ok so I was pretty sold on CometChat for my client and convinced her to drop the money to buy the Platinum license. So far I've wasted a couple hours trying to even get it to work.... We are using Laravel 5.3 and the site said that integration is about 5 minutes and is fully compatible with Laravel 5. Well something isn't right and I need to get some serious answers here from the CometChat folks. 1. How can you claim it's seamless?? It doesn't install anything like a standard laravel package. Have you never heard of Composer?? It's the gold standard! Why isn't this a vendor package? 2. Is there no way to place this outside of the document root? I'm very concerned that all of the files for this app are web routable! Makes an easy hacking target. 3. The instructions are supposedly for Laravel 5.1 and 5.3 isn't THAT much different, but it's simply not working. I've edited the config.php file as per instructions (enabling debug) and then I went to edit the integration.php file but the instructions aren't matching up to the file. The instructions say to edit the db connection strings for the database but the file is trying to load the Laravel database file. I added some output to that file to make sure that is is IN FACT loading the connection data for the db in that file. But I'm still getting a message when trying to load the install.php file that it's having trouble accessing the database. I know the db is running and working. But there's no debug in the install file telling me EXACTLY what might be the issue. Please get back to me ASAP so I can assure her that this isn't a waste of money.


  • Oh and the instructions also say to change the $cipher and $mode in the cookie_decrypt function of integration.php. That function doesn't exist!!!!!
  • Hi Emergingdzns, We apologies for the inconvenience caused, will check with the technical team and revert shortly. Thank You,
  • Hello, is this issue already solved?
  • I'm having the same issue here.
  • Doesn't work with laravel out of the box. Definitely false advertising.
  • PS revert shortly was 2 months ago :) for $500 this is not worth it am going to try to get a refund but doubt that will happen... next step blast them online
  • Did anyone ever figure this out? I'm having issues integrating with Laravel 5.4. It has not been seamless at all :\. We're looking to get this up and running else we're looking to refund. We should still be within the timeframe to return.
  • Hi Gsalinasj, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please help with the support ticket number and we will check with the technical team on the update. Thanks,

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