Cometchat you have failed to deliver the product advertised, and have given us countless promises that each new revision would "fix" the problems with your script but they never did. When I requested a refund, you closed the ticket without responding. My ticket is ending in "161772" PLEASE PROCESS IMMEDIATELY


  • Hi Chataholic, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, may I request you to please share the complete support ticket number which I can share with our technical team. Thanks,
  • I don't feel comfortable releasing the full ticket on this forum given that the support system is not properly locked down behind a login system. Is there a way to PM it to you? Also, support closed yet another ticket without a single comment from them. I will be contacting the bank today to initiate a fraud investigation against you.
  • Hi Chataholic, May I request you to share the support ticket number on CometChat Facebook.
  • Here is the full ticket number 5805247346-160689
  • Dear Chataholic, Thank you for sharing the ticket number. I shared the same with our technical team and will update you shortly. Thanks,
  • Dear Chataholic, The technical team has updated your ticket. Please check. Thanks,
  • So, by updating the ticket you mean not issuing a refund nor have you even commented on the issue?
  • Hi Chataholic, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I have emailed our technical team and they should revert shortly. Thanks,
  • The word you're looking for is "Reply" not "Revert." Your support team has not responded. I have opened a fraud investigation against your company with the issuing bank.
  • Hi Chataholi, Please help us with your email id, will check with the concern team and get back to you. Thanks,
  • What does that even mean? Does anybody there speak english? You have my ticket number and I asked for a refund and now you're ignoring me.
  • Hi, @Chataholic. Why do you want to refund? What's the problem with your app? To be honest, I just want to buy this chat app because I want to integrate it with Suite CRM.
  • Hi @fendi_s0709 I've been a customer for a number of years, initially things were good, I renewed my license in January & in February I purchased white labelled apps. These were provided 2 months later, the integration that I have is with JomSocial on a Joomla VPS server. Had nothing but problem after problem & my issues are still not fixed. I'm in regular contact now with the CEO of cometchat & he is trying to get things fixed. I've lost users from my site due to how badly the apps have been. I'm likely to be asking for a refund if things are not fully fixed in next 5 days.

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