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Ghost messages since upgrading

Upgraded to the latest version and run on PHPFox - since doing so I have ghost messages occuring... the same message pops up every few hours in peoples chat as if it is a new message.... ANyone else see this?


  • Maybe, I have issues of users hearing the pops for new chat, but no new messages.
  • i have this issue too 6.6.10
  • We had this issue for months on CometChat Cloud; they just recently fixed it for us.
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    Hi ITLJames, Requesting you to please share the support ticket number. Thank You
  • @ leprakhauns - Please help us with the support ticket number. @ Nemra1 - Please help us with the support ticket number.
  • Guess I spoke too damn soon, apparently it has returned. Ticket number 1995145936-162302. I'm guessing that whatever you did to fix it the first time, didn't get carried over into one of the newer versions that you recently rolled out. You guys need to do a better job of version control and regression testing.
  • Hi Hawkgtforum, Thank you for sharing the ticket number. I will share the same with our support team and revert. Thanks,
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    Your support sucks! They closed the ticket without even adding a comment. However, I noticed that unrelated ticket 1995145936-161778 "Android app users unable to login" which had been marked solved several days ago is now set to OPEN, so I am surmising that your support is "merging" the tickets again. But of course, there is NO COMMENT in that ticket either, so how the fuck am I supposed to keep track of this? I'm sick and tired of the shell games with the tickets being closed and "merged" with no feedback whatsoever. Should I provide negative feedback about your customer support on your Facebook page again? Will that help shed some light on your company's crappy customer support? And by the way, when are you going to solve the damn problem with the robo posting?
  • Hi Hawkgtforum, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, have emailed your query to the technical team. Will share an updated shortly. Thanks,
  • Seriously? Every time we, or any of your customers, have an issue you ask us for the ticket number. But every single time in the last few months I've opened a ticket, it is IMMEDIATELY closed without any comment or update, and when I complain about it here I'm told it's been 'merged' into an unrelated ticket. So why should I bother opening new tickets? Do you see the stupidity in your actions? I'm seriously asking you this! If you're going to close every ticket and merge them, why don't we open one ticket, call it 'Every issue from HawkGTforum' and I'll just add every new issue to it. This way you will always know the ticket number without having to ask.
  • We are getting ghost messages. See my screenshot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Ye-i5l2HB-VTB1WVJoWTJ4WjQ/view?usp=sharing There are many issues with message display. 1) Ghost messages. 2) some alerts (if the mobile app is not actively used for a little while) will lead to blank screen. 3) Android losing messages left and right. 4) messages not in synch. All comes down to a poor design. Cometchat, for the sake of your own reputation, please fix these. Jing
  • Hi Jing, Please share the support ticket number. The fastest way to get a response is on the support ticket as that gets directly sent to the technical team. Thanks,
  • 875540754-160462
  • and 875540754-160641
  • What the hell is wrong with your support staff? They responded to my ticket that they tested from the iOS app and couldn't replicate the issue. Of course not, because it only happens to our android app users. And if they hadn't closed my ticket and 'merged' it into an unrelated, already solved ticket, they would've seen that in THE TITLE OF THE TICKET!!! Fucking incompetent!
  • Hi Jing, Thank you for sharing the support ticket number. I have shared the same with our technical team, they will revert shortly. Thanks,
  • I'm getting it on Android and iPhone, it's destroying my user's confidence in it.
  • Hi Graham, Thank you for updating, our team will get back to you shortly, Thank You,
  • We're still getting it. Makes the system practically unusable.
  • Hi Hawkgtforum, Requesting you to please help with the support ticket number and our technical team would resolve the query. Thanks,
  • 1995145936-161778
  • Hi Hawkgtforum, Thank you for sharing the support ticket number.
  • Did anyone get a resolution - I still have this issue on our site with the latest version installed
  • Hi ITLJames, Requesting you to please share the support ticket number. Thank You
  • Your support department is as useless as tits on a bull - LOTS of members have this issue - do some work and fix it!
  • Hi ITLJames, Our technical team would resolve your issues. But we would the support number which can be shared with our technical team. Thanks,
  • Tell you what - I will create 1 last ticket and see if your technical department actually does something this time. I have yet to have a satisfactory experience with them. If my support department for my community pulled the crap yours does I would have fired them long ago.
  • 289798542-163774
  • Thanks James, we will have this looked into on priority. Regards, Michael
  • Still waiting on a solution....
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