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Folks --- I am new to CometChat and recently purchased the CometChat Platinum Edition and Mobile Apps. I am a tech savy guy. I don't appreciate the hand holding issues when it comes to security and having access to my IOS/Android developer accounts as an admin. I will NOT give a 3rd party admin rights to those. I will gladly setup any certificates or other setup on my side. Please get the phone system fixed .... When I call and push option 2 for support, I don't like hearing someone pickup and then getting disconnected 6 to 8 times in a row, but I call push 1 for sales...and i get a person. Next time I ask for a supervisor, please just get me one !!! I will not be nice about it next time. Please do not ask for things in a ticket that I have already sent over...such as logos and info. (It makes your staff look really bad). I have put a long term commitment to your product. Please learn how to communicate and support it professionally !!!!


  • Forget it, I've been asking for a refund for two weeks with no reply because some basic advertised features don't work and haven't since I got it. I'm resorting to opening a fraud investigation with my bank.
  • Hi Mferry, I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused. I shall check with our team and revert. Thank You
  • Hi Chataholic, Our team has updated your support ticket. Please update the same so we can resolve your query. Thank you
  • So is this where the support tickets are generated? Is their a higher fee top tier service that has weighted priority in the pecking order? My integration and customizing will not be cookie cutter easy so..... do many of you get a third party freelancers if CometChat gets overwhelmed and short with resources? I have been researching a lot of independent sites and got good feedback from non shill poster about the product and support so maybe its growing so rapidly? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Hi jj2West, Sorry for the late reply, I have shared your message with our technical team and they would share a feedback shortly. Thanks,
  • I find the product very good. Not perfect, but very good. One product can't fit everyone's needs and wants. That being said I wish I would have known more about the integration before I purchased. I'm happy and they did work with me on getting my issues resolved. Our testing has been completed with Android and the mobile app is available on the Play store. We are currently still in testing with Apple/iTunes. My next step is to review how the apps are working with my existing website and ask for a few changes to be made to my integration file functions to accomplish my needs. I will advise the group on my status here in a few days.
  • Hi Mferry, Many thanks for the note. Thank You
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    Folks --- I opened 7 tickets last night regarding concerns/questions. I got replies to 6 already. I am only 30% happy with the lack of reading and understanding of my questions. I am 105% upset that I was not lied to but I was told different truth/details when I asked the same question again from a few days ago. **** Don't forget support staff that negligence is still lying. I will call you out on that !!!! **** I will post my concerns about these ticket responses sometime today. Have a good day folks.
  • I've been trying to get the "guaranteed" refund for over a month now. Support lies 100%. This company is committing fraud.
  • Hi Chataholi, Please help us with your email id, will check with the concern team and get back to you. Thanks,
  • Thanks for the feedback mferry. I guess what I am seeing that in pre sales.....there is some type of acknowledgement that CC guarantees "x' and you asked for "y" either by CC not understanding the objective or lacking the resources to fulfill the task by your given deadline. I am in pre sales phase myself but my requests will not be out of the box cookie cutter solutions either so this concerns me. Hopefully you find closure.
  • Hi Jj28west, Requesting you to please share a support ticket number. Thank you
  • Folks -- Sorry for the delay, but I'm still getting these bugs figured out and modifications made. I will report on each ticket in the near future. One thing I have noticed and it does really upset me.... When I open a ticket, support wants FTP, Admin blah blah access to my production system. 1 -- I do NOT trust 3rd party access. I been an system admin for years. I can pull files/logs what ever they need. 2 -- It is a HUGE security concern, You being a 3rd party know/seeing who my members are. I have NOT modified any base code in the system. SO if I say this is happening you can recreate it at your side with no problem. if you can't thats when we can discuss it in more detail and if very extremely needed grant you access to my system only using team viewer and my supervision ONLY. Fixing problems for me and not discussing the problem only makes more tickets in the future and unhappy customers to me and to you !!!!
  • Folks -- I still haven't fully had time to document my situation with these support tickets, but I promise its coming !!! This morning and I have made two calls already to sales to reach the support supervisor. Why do people not listen to what the customer is saying? I hate that kind of support. I think we all should start looking to find a US based company that can provide us white labeled chat and mobile apps. That can provide quality support to us !!!
  • I agree.. this was a most unfortunate expenditure for me, as their support takes so long to actually do something. Then when something is fixed, you have NO idea what they did to correct the problem. And of course, none of these forum posts have the fix either. I tried staying up so that I would be on "their" time, but had problems understanding the person on the other end as well. UGH!
  • The thought of flying to India....has crossed my mind.... lol
  • Folks -- I wanted to provide an update. This has got pushed back for sure. Issues are not corrected. I will provide details in the future. Here is the problem. They insist on access. They don't know how to setup a test bed and test/fix in a lab. They want to make changes to my production environment. Let me reword that...they want to practice/test the fix in my production environment. They shouldn't have to look around....looking for fields to determine how to fix and issue. They should already have done that in their test bed environment. They think the world revolves around them and that they are the only ones who can fix a problem. Currently I would NEVER RECOMMEND anyone to buy CometChat products or services.
  • Hi Mferry, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, the matter has been escalated to the senior management and we will come with a solution at the earliest. Thank You.
  • well I still haven't been contacted by anyone in Senior Management.... I recommend to EVERYONE NOT TO BUY ANY CometChat products or services. They can't support their products and it makes us as service providers look bad. There are much better quality companies that can provide "Chat" services. CometChat is 100% smoke and mirrors !!!! A group of us service provides should file a class action lawsuit against CometChat !!!

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