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Emoji in GroupChat and not getting any respons on our support ticket...

Hello. We have some troubles with integration the CometChat into our Android application. First - when we are sending message in group chat with Emoji, this message not being saved in our database on server and users don't receive it. If in method: subscribe(boolean true, new SubscribeChatroomCallbacks callbacks ), boolean frag set in true - message returns in callback's success method, but public void onMessageReceived(JSONObject receivedMessage) is not called. If flag set to false, in chat we receiving smiles in html format, but we need emoji tags. In admin panel of CometChat smile's plugin for group chat is enable. Second problem - when user is joined to room, callback's method gotChatroomMembers is called correctly, but when i try to call method getChatroomMembers() from CometChatroom.class, it doesn't work.


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