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[6.9.1] Bug Audit (Lots of bugs found)

edited October 2017 in Issues
Okay some bugs I am reporting with 6.9.1, I have tried reporting these via the Support Ticket, but the support is either way too slow or wants details, to things they already have, and at this point I'm beginning to get quite frustrated with the level of support I've received: - If you have an invite only chatroom (Say it's called "Staff Only Chat") when you sent an invite to someone it says "has invited you to join group Staff%20Only%20Chat join" (Notice the %20's?) - If you set a status like "I'm a Status." it shows up as "I\'m a Status." (Notice the "\" where there shouldn't be one). - integration.php for Invision Power Board is STILL not fixed, on line 41, you have a piece of code that calls up the Username followed by the SEO Friendly Name, which goes into the link as "www.site.com/user/Chatter-chatter/" when it should be the user ID followed by the SEO Friendly name so it looks like "www.site.com/user/12-chatter" As I said... $db_linkfield = " "."CONCAT(".$table_prefix.$db_usertable.".".$db_usertable_name.",'-',".$table_prefix.$db_usertable.".members_seo_name)"." "; Edit to: $db_linkfield = " "."CONCAT(".$table_prefix.$db_usertable.".".$db_usertable_userid.",'-',".$table_prefix.$db_usertable.".members_seo_name)"." "; - The integration script doesn't respect the custom cookie prefix of the IPS installation. (Line 86 and 87 of integration.php) - The integration script doesn't respect the custom friendly URL to profiles. (Line 175 of integration.php) - The integration script doesn't respect the custom URL to uploads. (Line 181 of integration.php) - The integration script doesn't respect the custom no-avatar URL. (Line 183 of integration.php) - There seems to be a problem with the GZIP functionality, that for me had to be disabled in the config because otherwise I was flooded with ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED, this happens when something says it's GZIP encoded in the header, but the actual data isn't. - The report conversation feature seems to cause an Error 500, yet the previous version that I was on (>6.2), didn't. It worked. Now it doesn't. - Some people are still reporting scroll problems for the site when using the docked widget. That is: The entire page cannot be scrolled using a mousewheel or tracker/touchpad. This is also intermittent, and sometimes can be fixed with a simple refresh, sometimes it can't. - Deleting your own messages and a chatroom/group (at the very least) doesn't work at all. This is what I have noticed in just 30 minutes, this isn't good guys.


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