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Help With Xamarin Forms

I am trying to add the chat to my Xamarin Forms project, and have trouble starting. The docs say to add reference to the DLL files (like MessageSDKBinding.Droid.dll) but i can't seem to find them. I have downloaded the Android and iOS SDK's. Can anyone advise please? thanks


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    OK i have found the iOS dll but not the android one... it is not in the folder. There are other dll's though, like cometchatbindingapp.dll
  • Hi, I have used cometchatbindingapp.dll in Android and it works (with a size of 40 Mb!!!) but I cannot find the iOS SDK for Xamarin. I have found a dll compiled (MessageSDKBinding.iOS.dll) in the last year (2016) but it has a size of 400 Mb!!!
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