Cheers everyone...I'm brand new in last 24 hours..and I have spent 12 hours now wondering..WHHAATTTT.?? but I am wondering did I just buy this at the wrong time...wordpress just updated and so did this chat(beta) I was under the impression from sales and the site features that this was a seamless things...I dont seem to have the ability to do much (premium version with premiumpress) 1. I dont see any invite users,,when I use dummy accounts and I hit Icons they dont show member profile...only one that will show is the admins for some weird reason. 2. the "show avatar" wont save in general settings on dashboard.... 3. I cant embed chat is a wordpress page with short code or html..it just shows a window with whos online but no way to hit and talk with them.. 4 .I need to create about 10 rooms.. 5. I need to put a button that asks someone to chat with them on their profile.. 6. I dont want chat to show everyone whom is online...only if you add them from a profile and they accept..there is no add friend etc.. .....in other words just like any other social site..I was told this would be no probs with premiumpress..any feedback appreciated Cheers. PS.I did send ticket..just waiting


  • Hi Docnoahobody, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, requesting you to please share the support ticket number and will get back shortly. Thanks,

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