Support ignoring me...

Hello, before buying premium cometchat i was promised that you will fully integrate it to my website as soon as i buy it. After buying it and waiting for a month exchanging 1 email per day with you with questions you did half job and then just started ignoring me! You ask me for new server ftp info as i changed it since i didn't get a reply for over a week, i sent you ftp details and after 2-3 days you again send me email to ask me for ftp details, i send it again and so on... i must have sent you ftp details like 10 times last 2 weeks and you still ask me for ftp details and then sent me automated reminder email. Seems you added me to some sort of block-ignore list for whatever reason and you are not answering to any email. Could you answer me here please what is going on? I have been waiting for 2 months for this integration to happen


  • Hello lexalex, Sorry for the trouble. Could you please share your email ID so that I can have this investigated? Thanks, Michael Team CometChat
  • alexhs88 at gmail
  • Hi Lexalex, Thank you for sharing the email ID. I will check with the team and revert. Thanks,
  • edited December 2017
    Well i got an answer after this and now no answer again for this week.... Also the emails and the ticket sent dates are messed up,i can see at the top old message then new then again sent just now then 1 month old message maybe this is why support have problem seeing my messages
  • Hi Lexalex, Very sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will get it checked and reply at the earliest. Thanks,

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