You are crooks and nothing else

5 days ago I sent you a message to be refunded and you do not answer or you try to save time by redirecting me to incoherent links. Make sure my lawyer will take care of you if you do not pay me back today. You are crooks and nothing else! This is my last attempt at amicable management My initial message: "Good morning, Today is January 26, 2018. I would like an immediate refund because your plugin doesn't accomplish the tasks i buyed it for. Your support is incapable to fix an issue i have since my purchase: My Buddypress Messages don't synchronise with Cometchat. In pre purchase your commercial service told me you can customize the plugin according to my Membership levels. The reality is that your support make half of the job and they are incapable to tell me that they can't do more, it's a real jock! Furthermore, your support communication is unnaceptable, they asked me at least 3 times for credentials. I have a deadline for my platform launch and i can not afford to wait your support help me efficiently. My developper found another solution for 1to1 chat, 100% synchronize with Buddypress messages and able to limit message number per membership levels. I wish you to improve all that over time but my time and my budget are precious. Thanks to refund me. Name: Erembert Laurent License Key: TCBC9-VQ5ZS-TOS3N-CXVC8-FC1BV Domain: Web Technology (Integration): BuddyPress"


  • Hi Beuza, We are sorry for the delayed response. May we request for your registered email address to check on your query. Thanks,

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