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6.2.3 Themes?

I run cometchat on VBulletin. I use cometchat 6.2.3 and I am wondering where the Themes section has gone? I can no longer set cometchat as the chat bar? Instead it's just the docked chat box? No Synergy theme? All I see is the new Layouts which is nothing but a set of colors. My members liked the chat bar and now it's gone?


  • Hello, Can you please raise a support ticket using the following link and our team will help you. https://my.cometchat.com/tickets Regards, Michael CometChat
  • Why open a ticket if there are certainly more users who would like to know. I have not made an update to the new version because it does not appeal to me at all. The themes in the old made him perfect. Are they also included in the new update?
  • I have the same issue. I liked the way how the "old" version have a lot of styling options while you now only can choose from a few colors which certainly not match with my website. And where are the docked dimension options? Because the chat is wayyyyy too small.... :(
  • Agree. Where is the themes option now??
  • I think themes are implemented after some future update?
  • Dear All, May I know whether you still face any issue? Warm Regards Mike D CometChat
  • Shure the Problem exists furthermore, me Facing the same Problem. We search for the Chat Bar Theme, the one you Published here https://www.cometchat.com/features/all-features (Chat Bar). At the moment i am not able to see a Bar, only the "Bubble" like in this Demo https://chat.phpchatsoftware.com/docked.php. I Need the Bar, this is the reason i bought this software at all and does not use a skype plugin. Regards
  • Wow, i think i got the change... You published this news: https://www.cometchat.com/blog/cometchats-got-a-new-look-introducing-cometchat-v6-2/. Does this realy mean that there are no Buttons and there is no chatbar anymore? At the moment to get to a added funcionality i have to open the chat bar, click on "..." scroll down, search for the "text" without image and click it, horrible. I realy need the one touch buttons, the users love the easy, non 3 klick buttons, how to get them back? Regards
  • Hello FireFly, Could you please refer to https://support.cometchat.com/faq/php/web/is-it-possible-to-have-the-cometchat-as-a-separate-pagetab-on-my-website/? Let me know if your issue is still not resolved. Warm Regards, Mike D CometChat
  • Hello, we just invested in CC Premium, and this Edition has layout, modules, plugins a.s.o. that by do not match what is currently being promoted and advertized. Tutorials, end-user and videos mislead potential buyers. From our perpective this is fraud. Nobody is obligated to have red all previous press releases or changelogs to have known about these changes. Themes for example is a component of Premium Edition ... and has a price tag. This means customers buy a product attributed with characteristics that simply don't exist. We have forwarded this case to our legal departement. From a developer's standpoint (who has voted for CC to management and procurement) this is very disappointing. CC should have offered a discount because of missing components until CC gets to a release matching what is advertised. Best.
  • Hi, We apologize for the bad experience. Can I request you to please sent an email to our sales team at [email protected] so our sales team can assist you further? Regards, Mike CometChat
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