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I initially requested the free installation service for my Magento-based site on the 16th of February. I provided all of the necessary details. It took until the 23rd when I was told it had been successfully configured, with the exception of a couple things. Two of these things I can understand, as you may need a better understanding of Magento sites to do, which were the setting of the cookies for logging in and out. However, the instructions I was linked to either contains out of date information, or a mistake ( It tells me to include some data within a file called `installation.php`. This file does not even exist. There is only the `install.php`, which I know is not the correct file. If this needed to be done, I don't quite understand why it couldn't have been performed by your team. On the 24th of February, I messaged (via ticket) that I had added the cookie code and asked about the third bit of outdated information. I also stated at this time that the usernames show up as random values that are saved in the same database table as usernames (such as registration IP addresses), and usernames in Group chats show up as my site's name rather than the username of the user. I was messaged back on the 26th saying the team would respond as soon as they had a solution. I hadn't heard any reply through the 2nd of March, so I replied asking for any update. I understand it was just the weekend, however, I feel as though this is taking quite a bit longer than I had expected it would. I understand PHP and MySQL, and would have no issue figuring it out myself, but I lack the time to do so, especially since I was told CometChat could be installed on virtually any platform and was told specifically it wouldn't be an issue to be installed on Magento. I expected this to be live on my website within a week from purchasing, but it has been over three weeks and I'm still unable to enable it for my users.


  • Ticket #: 6522043143-172853
  • Hi Asilkmutt, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for sharing the support ticket number, I shall check with our technical team and revert. Thanks,

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