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Change Mobile Chatbar design

edited November 2016 in Suggestions
I want to activate the bottom menu bar for my mobile users. But once activated the tiny menu bar is not designed for mobile usage because it's just an ugly block (sorry for my words) floating over the website. What I like to see is that the design of the mobile menu bar will be changed into a friendly design for mobile users. Like the Facebook messenger if you receive a new message, then a round popup is displayed on your screen: Example: http://cdn.techgainer.com/2014/04/facebook_messenger_chat_heads.jpg Something like that, but this round popup could be a dedicated menu (which you can move with your finger to any position within the browser) and in the middle of this round menu the current active chat users are displayed. If you hit the button you can choose to enter a chatroom or do whatever action which is available. This is actually what I mean: http://dakey.net/pics/chat003.png


  • Hello, Can you please raise a support ticket for your request and team will get in touch with you. Please share the ticket number here. Thanks, Michael CometChat
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    i like it ...its so modern + 1 :) I also need this option
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