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Issues With CometChat

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We have been having constant issues with CometChat, let me start by saying we have purchased the platinum edition and both the Android and iOs apps. I am also subscribed to CometService. -Both apps are not working correctly, when we log on it shows no users online. In the past it did show users online but we have been unable to make video or voice calls. When we try make a call, the phone making the call rings but the receiver does not get a call. Some time later (up to an hour) they receive a notification. -On the PHP web application, you start a voice call the other person accepts it says "this may take a while" this message never goes away. When it did work a bit in the past one of the people in the call cannot hear the other or it cuts off after a few seconds. It doesn't work at all currently. When we open a support ticket, all we get is a response "We have tested it and it is working". I can assure you it is not working we have tested it on many devices and between many different users on different internet connections. Wifi, 3G, 4G LTE, the connection speed is not the issue here. Please can we get some proper support, when we phone the call centre they dont seem to know much about the product, they open a support ticket and we go in circles again. All we want is for the application we have spent $$$ on to work as expected. Thank you.


  • Hello Grinderman, We apologize for the inconvenience caused. May I know the support ticket number that you have created? I will ask my team to check properly and revert on priority. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • 154841 - Thanks
  • Hi, I have escalated the ticket. Someone from the team will get back to you. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Any update on this?
  • Hi, We request you to update the CometChat version to 6.3.7 as we have added fix for the same. In case you have any other concern/query please feel free to contact us Regards, Mike CometChat
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    I Must admit, this seems a bit troubling.. I was thinking of purchasing the Android and ios product, and the way it looks tech support has gone scares me.
  • Hi Jhayden, Our support is from MON - FRI, 8AM - 7PM IST (GMT+5:30). Please refer to check on our support: https://www.cometchat.com/contact Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Cometchat team, for months I have begged to repair my application android APK which does not work, and nobody replies me, since 02 days I write to the support nobody answers, why do you do this? Why? And yet I trust you? What is happening? and we do not repair a small android application? I have been complaining for months, I can not get into business because of this, and yet I have paid you money? Even if there is a problem at least answer me, explain to me, or if I have to get refund also refund me. It's not possible, months to make a simple apk application? I do not understand. I do not find it professional...really disappointed
  • Hello Christian, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Can you please share the support ticket number so I can get it checked? Thanks, Michael
  • Hi, I purchased Comet Chat in April and I still don't have a working solution. Social login is not working and I've logged the ticked several times only to be told that it is a different department that is dealing with it. I've lost business as a result of the delays and bugs since purchasing the product. The most recent ticket is 5539899006-162049 I'm frustrated with the progress and cannot afford to be waiting any longer so I would just like a full refund at this stage.
  • I'm getting worried. Before I updated to 6.6.10 everything worked fine. I updated and now everytime someone tries to video or audio call, I get a webrtc error and the connection screen just stays up there. I have a site where members pay to use this service and now it doesn't work. I put in my ticket and the ticket id is 6167755946-162095 I really need this back working asap. If I have to downgrade to the previous version I will do that. Just send me the previous version zip file.
  • This is what bothers me. Post sales tech support....I came here originally encouraged by your product and services and wanted to look at it as a third party app for my board. What scares me is how these apps that dont get bought out by the big guys will survive against Amazon Anytime and Facebook, etc. I mean business applications are 24/7 potentially....support that is weekdays only is a tough pill to swallow. On the bright side...at least I see non affiliated shill reviews...so that is nice that Comet chat doesnt censor and delete posts that are not always roses and sunshine. Its tough out there because our customers become impatient with reasons and look at them as excuses so I need something that is a little more robust.
  • @comefiddleme - The technical team has updated the ticket. Kindly check and update. @kieran_herron - The technical team is working on your ticket they will update it shortly. Thanks,
  • Hi jj28west, While there may be certain issues at times, we have a dedicated technical support team and the issues are resolved on priority unless there is something that needs additional attention from our team. We plan to go 24x7 soon. We also have live FB support team to address your queries and we generally reply within few minutes. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance. Thanks,
  • No offense, but I've had my negative comments both here and on Facebook censored/removed. They'll keep some of the mild ones, but not the scathing responses to horrible customer support.
  • The products are flawed. Messages disappear. I will post my issues again. I have been posting non stop since March and things are still not working.
  • Hi gujingc, Please help with the support ticket number and our technical team will fix the issue. Thanks
  • 875540754-160462
  • Hi Gujingc, Thank you for sharing the support ticket number. I have shared the same with our technical team and they will revert shorly. Thanks
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