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Block users in chatrooms

edited July 2016 in Suggestions
I cannot find this feature, so I suppose that it's not implemented yet. I think there should be an option available that normal users should be able to block other users in a chat room. Because moderators are not always available (because they are human) normal users should be able to block persons so that they do not receive messages from them in the room. Currently normal users can block other users via the 1-on-1 chat only, but if they enter a chat room then they are still able to see messages posted by the blocked user.


  • Hello Ketkew, Thank you for your suggestion. I will check with my team internally and let you know whether the option to block users is available for in chat room. Regards, CometChat
  • Great thanks :)
  • Hello Ketkew, Chatrooms are similar to groups and the ownership for it lies with the group owner and moderators. So we cannot provide the option of ban to normal users. Also, normal users can misuse this feature and ban everyone. However, we will add an option to assign normal users as moderators by the room owner in our future releases so that the room owner can make as many moderators as needed for his/her room. Regards, CometChat
  • Hi, I think you misunderstood my question. I mean with ban by normal users that they wont see messages from that banned user only in the room. So other users are able to see the message from that banned user in the room Until they banned that user too...
  • Hello Ketkew, Thank you for the suggestion we will plan to add this in our future releases. Regards, CometChat
  • That would be great thanks :)
  • Which version of this feature can we expect? This would be a very helpful and less work for moderators :)
  • Hi Ketkew, I am not sure about that however, v6.4.0 which is planned to be released before the last week of February should be useful too. Regards, Mike D Comet
  • Curious about that, thanks :)
  • Thank you ketkew :)
  • we need it realy bcs many users ask about how to ignored any one into public chat rooms
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