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So a while ago I did a VBulletin update to 5.2.5, and the comet chat was gone. I am trying to re-install comet chat, and there is nothing showing up at the forum. What do you think could happen? The only step I don't understand is this one: 4. Please CHMOD the following folder to 777 (recursively): /cometchat/writable/ - I can see the cometchatplugin in the Hooks & Products System - Went to [Add/Import Product] and uploaded "product_cometchat XML" from the cometchat plugin folder. I allowed overwrite. - for settings I left "blank" for groups, and "yes" on the chat with me button. What else could be wrong? What wouldn't it be showing?


  • Hi, Can you provide 777 permissions to /writable directory and all its sub-directory as well. If you are still facing the same issue then create a support ticket at https://my.cometchat.com/tickets and provide us with FTP and other details of your site. Regards, Mike CometChat
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