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Not able to leave group (version v6.4.8)

In the new version of cometchat, i'm not able to leave any group (both Desktop and mobile web). Anyone experience this same problem?


  • I can leave the group on the mobile app; I'm using an iphone and have v.6.4.4 of the app installed. Can't tell you about the desktop embedded page, as their update broke it so we can't get in.
  • Hi ketkew, Can I request you to create a support ticket at https://my.cometchat.com/tickets so that the team can troubleshoot the problem? If you have already done so, please share the ticket number so I can escalate the issue. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Hi mike.. before i create a ticket.. try the demo site.. Its not related to my configuration only
  • Hi Ketkew, Does that mean you require customization? Regards, Mike CometChat
  • hi mike, no I report a bug which possibly affect all your customers.. thats why I reffer to your demo site to see it yourself. please go to the demo.. enter a chatroom.. and now try to leave the room ( not via the close (X) button.. but via menu > leave group
  • Hi Ketkew, Sure, I have forwarded the query to concern department. I will get it checked and revert to you with an outcome. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Any news on this? I've update to 2.5.1 but it seems not fixed?
  • Hi, We will be releasing CometChat v6.5.2 by this week with the fix for the issue mentioned. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • great thanks!
  • :) Thank you for your patience.
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