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New Messages alert

In the tabs section of my browser I see CometChat telling me there are new messages yet when I go to look there are none to see... and it keeps cycling the message.... Anyone else seeing this? I am using Chrome


  • Hi James, Let me get it checked and revert. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • i have same issue
  • i have same issue in the v.6.6.4
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    James, Tom and Nemra, you are not alone. We are seeing the exactly same problem. Please refer to my other posts on this board. We have been submitting tickets for weeks on this issue. It is going nowhere. I have concluded this is drive by a serious design flaw. Message disappearance is not just related to alert. You should also see 1) when you send a message from Desktop, your mobile app will not display it. 2) your Android should lose many messages. Cometchat team explained that this is by design. Because the message is somehow "read" and to save storage, they choose not to show it. The design logic does not make any sense at all. Why should Cometchat decide that a "read" message should not be displayed? Facebook does not do that, Google chat does not do that, Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp, none of the chat app I know about does that. In fact, Cometchat should make the logic very simple. If a message is less than let's say 3 days old, or 5 days old, or 7 days old, display it. And if you try the Android app, you will see it is losing message left and right, regardless if it is related to Alert or not. This is a major design flaw. We have been submitting tickets for weeks. So far, the only feedback we got is Cometchat team could not "reproduce" this error. They see it is working perfectly. To be honest, we have lost our confidence completely. If Cometchat can fix it. Great. If not, we would like to know alternative solutions. We have been submitting tickets non stop since March. The application is still not very usable. Jng
  • Does the company offer betas that are warned as unstable and may not play nice with integration. I am lurking for now but time being money so is there a stable version they refer to? At least the board is not censored I guess.
  • in the end the >> u cant find any help coming from cometchat support..also when the fix something another somthing broken... and no new addons no new options ...im stuck her
  • Now take a look at this. We just got it this morning. Duplicate display of old messages. The design is flawed. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Ye-i5l2HB-VTB1WVJoWTJ4WjQ/view?usp=sharing
  • jj28west, we are lucky in that our main platform provider is working feverishly to come up with a replacement solution. So hopefully this nightmare will be over soon. If you have not started, I suggest you do a serious investigation into alternatives. For example, Telegram offers an API for you to develop a customized version of chat app for yourself. It might cost you a little more at the beginning. But think about the cost of your customers being pissed off for months, and the problem could not be resolved.
  • Nemra, your comment: " u cant find any help coming from cometchat support..also when the fix something another somthing broken... and no new addons no new options " is spot on.
  • Hi Gujingc, Nemra1, Jj28west, I have shared your support ticket numbers/ queries with our team and they would revert soon. Thanks,
  • I've got the same problem, meant to be launching next week but currently looking at other alternatives as it seems to be an on-going issue they haven't resolved. Annoying as they can't replicate the issue that loads of us are experiencing.
  • Hi Graham, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, our technical team is working on the query and would update shortly. Thanks,
  • To all, I appreciate all the feedback. As you know time is money which like most I cannot afford. Is it possible that CC has been acquired and there are transitional issues to the new company? I know issues will arise but I am honestly shocked at what I am reading. Did not think the product/service was this unstable.
  • We have the same issues with alerts showing but no messages there or have been already read. A real headache lately and our members have all lost faith and trust in our chat system.
  • hi all i am beside myself with stress because of the complications this software has been causing for months and months and years. my developer is experienced in socail engine but he spends hours each week trying to solve stupid issues - like the chat doesnt scroll properly in an embedded chatroom - i tried Arrowchat but it overloaded my database server quickly - where cometchat doesnt take it above 15% - so i gave up on that - and to be honest - Arrowchat service ticket system was just as bad as cometchat. i am currently searching upwork and freelancer for cometchat coding experts - but it seems such a thing does not exist i wish i could find an alternative - but after 2 years and pain and tears - its better the Devil you know for me - im just searching for someone competent i can pay directly to fix my issues and do the upgrades and modifications that i want - my contract has run out and no way am i paying again for such poor service and upgrades that cause more problems that what they replaced if anyone know of such a person to help me code - id be grateful for an introduction good luck to us all Dave
  • Hello Dave, This is Michael from CometChat. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. Could you please share the support ticket number(s). I will have the matter escalated and have it checked on priority. Thanks, Michael CometChat
  • hi Michael - ive no longer got support and no way am i paying any more money - ive spent well over £1000 on cometchat over the years. in most threads in this forum there is a real sense of frustration and disappointment in both the Cometchat product and the service ticket support. as said above by others - your updates seems to cause more problems that they solve - it is so frustrating as cometchat has the ability to be amazing - but in our eyes - your customers eyes - you have let yourself down very badly it must be difficult for you having to make so many apologies on this forum - we appreciate your efforts but sending me back to the service ticket system is a 1 way ticket back to the lunatic asylum as far as im concerned. i have managed to fix some of the issues using my own developer - who is complaining to me the "cometchat is giving me a headache" and i have had to give him some more interesting design work this week in case he quits on me. i will continue on my quest to find a privately paid developer with extensive cometchat experience - but that is also a needle in a haystack task we just want your product to work Michael - its not too much to as is it ? thanks Dave
  • WE NEED A FIX FOR THIS!!!! Every update you put out seems to come with new issues and not address THE EXISTING ONES!!!! My userbase of nearly 250k members is up in arms about ghost messages, constant resending of old messages and not being able to clear recent chats which stay there forever it seems.... Get this fixed ASAP or you have lost this customer and every potential new one that ever asks me about your platform. I am done waiting and I am done getting nowhere with your "support" department.
  • Hi ITLJames, Our technical team would resolve your issues. But we would the support number which can be shared with our technical team. Thanks,
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