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Mobile/tablet chat

After one week of your issues in cloud version, my mobile chat has not fixed yet. Can i get exact date when it will be fixed? Ticket ID 733938704-158018 I am really disappointed.


  • Hi, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Have escalated the issue. Someone from the team will get back to you shortly. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Hi, Team has replied to you query on ticket. Please refer to ticket for more updates. Regards, Mike CometChat
  • Bug is still there, and we are counting how many days do you need to fix this bug. Cloud version 6.5.1 My members can't chat on mobile/tablet devices at all. This issue is from 1st May and now is 16th...what we are paying for if we dont get service from you?
  • Hi, Can you please check ticket #158379. Team has requested some details which needs to be updated at the payment gateway for your Cloud plan payments. Regards, Mike CometChat
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