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6.9.3 no one online

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after last update no one online ticket no. 4914524383-166651


  • Hi Amrmohmed, Thank you for sharing the support ticket number. Our technical team will get back to you shortly. Thanks,
  • the problem still there plz fast
  • Hi Amrmohmed, Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I shall check with the team and share the update. Thanks,
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    amrmohmed, We are seeing this issue which could be related to yours. Our users all in a sudden could no longer log in, especially if they just installed a new version of the mobile app. See our screenshot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Ye-i5l2HB-UWc2bHhGbHhUWnc/view?usp=sharing This happened after the Cometchat upgraded us to a new version. This is not the only function that has stopped working. But I guess if our users can not even log in, they can not find any other issues to report to us. I am wondering if Cometchat could identify the bug and push out a patch to help out everyone. Like you, we have no one online. I would really urge Cometchat team to do a better job with quality control, especially in your new releases. In the last 12 months, not a single new release we have gone through, is not filled with fitful moments that something will stop working. App crash, log in trouble, you name it. Right now, new releases make us anxious and dreadful. Regards Jing
  • Hi Jing, We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our technical team is working on the issue and should help with the resolution shortly. Thanks,
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    Cometchat, please let your management know that the quality of support is at a state of crisis now. Your loosely managed new releases, lack of quality control and poor customer service is destroying your customer base at a rate that can not be overstated. We opened the ticket on Nov 5th as none of our users can log in from the mobile app. The issue is still not resolved. At this point, still no one on our site could log in via mobile. And take a look at this screenshot. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iDutkzR57e8JQ2HZ0mq4shnEkl45TJxG/view?usp=sharing The mobile log in panel looks like incomplete work. It shows "Label" instead of "Remember Me". Support is as important as new product launch. When our issues are submitted, it now take weeks if not months to get the most critical show stoppers addressed, like user not able to log in. That is truly killing us. For the year of 2017, the following periods our users can not use your app: - March - July - Nov Isn't that ridiculous? Which business can survive this kind of outage? Each time, right after your upgrade, your mobile app will stop functioning. We are so fearful of your new release now. Could you first have those engineers on your new release resolve some of our tickets? What is the point of releasing new products just to paralyze your customer's sites? That means for more than half a year, your product is not usable. The damage done to our reputation is beyond description. Our users are leaving. How can Cometchat be successful by delivering such poor customer support? Finally, change your support business model. Show you can guarantee quality delivery, then find out if your customers are willing to pay a small fee to get such support. Right now, your saving grace is ArrowChat is also experiencing very poor support. Otherwise, people here will be defecting in droves. Jing
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    Cometchat, It is the second week, and our users still can not log in. On Friday your time, we finally got a reply that our issue will be resolved "in the earliest, no less than 24 hours", which means the earliest resolution will be next Monday. And for this reason your team marked the ticket as "solved" despite the fact that no one on our site can log into your mobile, And the log in page still looks incomplete. Is there a way that you can improve your customer support a little bit to be on par with the customers' expectations? Jing
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