500 error from server (1.8)

Hi guys, the cometchat server is giving us error 500, at the endpoint https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/

But it seems to only happen with our production app ID (6413cffa2c661e) and not with the app ID we use for testing.

Our subscription seems to be fully paid, so it shouldn’t be a billing issue.

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Hello @muz,
Can you please provide us with the complete URL so that we can get this checked at our end. Can you please confirm if this is happening for all the APIs. It would also be great if you could let us know which SDK you are using so that we can try to replicate this at our end.

We are using the Javascript SDK. Some of the URLs where this happens:

* https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/me
* https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/messages?hideMessagesFromBlockedUsers=0&receiverType=user&unread=1&count=1&
* https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/users/b08cf310-bf45-11e9-872f-0f2eb7d6e6cf/messages?per_page=10&uid=b08cf310-bf45-11e9-872f-0f2eb7d6e6cf&hideMessagesFromBlockedUsers=1&affix=prepend&
* https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/users/b08cf310-bf45-11e9-872f-0f2eb7d6e6cf
* https://kohoutek.cometchat.com/v1.8/messages?hideMessagesFromBlockedUsers=0&receiverType=user&unread=1&count=1&
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Hello @muz
Can you please check now if all the above mentioned APIs are working as expected. We have not made any changes to our servers and our Dev-Ops team is still trying to figure out the root cause of the issue. We will keep you posted regarding the same. In the meanwhile can you please confirm if everything is working as expected now…?

No, it is not working as expected. It was checked to be up this morning and on Friday, with no changes on our end since then.

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Hi @muz,

We were able to reproduce the issue at our legacy v1.8 API server.
The issue has been fixed.

We have checked for all the legacy APIs including the once you mentioned. All the APIs are working without any error.


The issue seems to be solved now. Thanks!

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