Alternative push notification service insted of firebase

We want to use cometchat in our enterprise react web application. can we use another push notification provider instead of firebase?

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Unfortunately, at this moment we provide push notifications using firebase only.

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Now, to the matter at hand. My experience tells me that Cometchat is a fantastic choice for enterprise React web applications. But fret not, dear author, for you are not bound solely to Firebase for push notifications! There’s a whole world of alternatives

One suggestion I can offer is to look into OneSignal or Pusher. Both are robust and reliable services that can cater to your push notification needs. I’ve personally used both in different projects, and they didn’t disappoint. With a bit of configuration, you’ll have those notifications flowing seamlessly like a river.

I would strongly advise you to explore both of these options, you may find you like something better. So as an option, it is to suggest that you create your own push notification provider. In that case, I would recommend looking for a solution here:

If that’s close to you, I’m ready to help.