Android Chat Github code changed

My team was working with older version of the github code, earlier there were two version

  1. UIkit 2. Full Java App for chat
    We started using Full Java App for Chat, when I checked today I see there is only single code which has merged UIKit and claims it to be fully functional app.

Why earlier code discontinued and what are core improvements in this code. we have invested in integrating in earlier version. Voice and Video not working properly in older code.

Do we have to migrate to this code?

Hi @VijayZ,

We understand your concerns. However, we have just changed the sample app to use our UI Kit as its a much cleaner interface and super easy to integrate and modify.

I would suggest if you are done with the implementation you can go forward with your current implementation

I would also recommend you give the UI Kit a try at your end and then decide if you need to implement the same in your app

We can assure you that there won’t be such major changes to the repo as UI kit is going to be the way forward considering the ease of integration for developers

Also, the audio and video call issues are fixed in the latest UI Kit release.

Please check


Hi Darshan,
I assume that UIkit is developed based on some base JAVA APIs and I hope we can access those to support our application. Is that true? we have put lot of effort in current implementation, in future we may go for UIKi, but currently we need to support the current application.

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