Android to Android Audio Call Issue

We are facing some issue with the android to android audio calls. Between android and iOS both incoming and outgoing calls are working fine. In android to android, though the other party receive the call, the call drops immediately after picking up the call.

Please let us know what are the options that are available to rectify this issue.

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Hello @madhava.vithana,
Can you help us to know the SDK version you are using. Also can you check the logs for any error and share with us, so that we can investigate the issue.

Android to android call sometimes works and it gave us ‘Call not sent’ toast message just before connecting to the call. The message is coming from comet chat SDK.

SDK version : com.cometchat:pro-android-chat-sdk:2.0.3

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Hi @madhava.vithana,

Are you referring any sample app. If yes then please share the link. As we aren’t able to identify the issue.

We are referring to our own implementation. The sample app has no call features as per my understanding.

Hi @madhava.vithana,

We have call features in our sample app. You can refer to them.

Also, can you check that toast message in your code? Maybe you are passing Call not sent toast message in onError() of call initiate method.
Because this toast message is not passed from SDK.

Or else can you share the code snippets of calling methods you have implemented

We used the beta 2.0.4 SDK and this particular error seems to be disappeared. No longer see the call not sent error message in the beta sdk. Can we get a timeline when the new SDK will be released?

Hello @madhava.vithana
The 2.0.4-beta1 is very stable and can be used in production. It holds the beta tag as it was not released as per our release cycle…the final 2.0.4 version will be released this early next week.

Hope this helps

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