APK Cometchat Notification

Hi guys,

We have succesfully implemented real-time notifications to our application but have found few issues:

1.) When a user clicks on the push notification, we need it to redirect to the respective 1-1 chat. Now it’s just opening our app homepage

2.) Each time a user is sending a message, it’s coming as a separate notification. It should add to the original notification, similar to how whatsapp or facebook works.

3.) Sometimes the messages are not coming in real-time. For E.G if i receive a message on another account, i cannot see the message on the 1-1 chat. But if i close the chat, and then reopen it (refresh), then the message comes .There is some response delay or issue that we are unable to resolve (this is also happening for our website).

Can you please let me know how to resolve any of these as soon as possible @pushpsen.airekar

can anyone help here?


I’ve provided you the solution for iOS on different thread. If you’re looking same for the android then our team will help you with the same. @darshan.bhanushali @aditya.gokula

Thank you for the solution to (3). I am still trying to resolve (2) but cannot find any fast solution for this.

Can I use it with the WA easily…?