Audio and Video Chat issue - ReactNative

It seems like the react-native package is in the beta version. We are having issues with call listeners. It does not listen in call listeners(addCallListener) after initiating the call. And how long will it take to have a new release for react-native?
//Call Listener
new CometChat.CallListener({
onIncomingCallReceived(call) {
console.log(“Incoming call:”, call);
// Handle incoming call
onOutgoingCallAccepted(call) {
console.log(“Outgoing call accepted:”, call);
// Outgoing Call Accepted
onOutgoingCallRejected(call) {
console.log(“Outgoing call rejected:”, call);
// Outgoing Call Rejected
onIncomingCallCancelled(call) {
console.log(“Incoming call calcelled:”, call);

Hello @ramesh,

We have completely re-written our calling component and have released a new beta version of the same. You can update to react-native SDK v2.1.0-beta3.

Warm Regards,

CometChat Pro
Mayur Bhandari

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