Audio/Video Call Connecting issue

Whenever I initiate audio/video call, it dials some strange number on my dialpad and come back in app again, shows me the call connecting activity, but not received from receiver end.
Also there is no error in logcat. Call is not connecting but activity opens.

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@talha.zahid28 we are not able to understand the issue you are facing. I will be great if you can provide more details on the issue you are facing with video or screenshots.

Thank You

Hi @talha.zahid28,

Please refer our sample app and check the implementation.

Hi @darshan.bhanushali
I integrate your sample app with sdk version 2.0.1.
the audio video call works fine.
When I switch to 2.0.3, the audio and video call is not connecting. chat is working fine. Can you please give me the link of the project with sdk version 2.0.3?

Hello @talha.zahid28

We have released a new version of the CometChat Android SDK (version 2.1.0) which has a completely new Calling module in place. Please upgrade to the latest and provide us with your feedback. Incase, you still encounter any problems, please do get in touch with us over the chat available on CometChat Dashboard.

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