Everything was working fine before. I wanted to clean up my users - so I deleted my users and now when i log in, the connects inits and the user logs in cometchat but when I call
await CometChat.getUnreadMessageCountForAllUsers(),
I get
“message”: “The auth token {i removed the value} does not exist. Please make sure you are logged in and have a valid auth token or try login again.”,

I know for sure that the user is logged in with cometchat - is it because there are no messages for that user?

Hello @icordoba,

Can you please let us know if the user you deleted was logged-in to CometChat before you deleted it from the Dashboard? Can you please logout and login with the user once and check if everything is working as expected. I think you might be facing a similar issue to this.

That is possible. I followed the steps from that post. I logged the user and when I logged back in, the error was gone.

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