Bugs related to unique ids (uid) in lowercase EU?

I have found another article on this previously stating it was resolved on the SDK version 2.0.7 But I still seem to be getting the same error.

I am using the “eu” region so not sure if it has not been updated on this version.

When using the SDK “@cometchat-pro/chat”: “^2.1.7”,

And Using the API: “https://api-eu.cometchat.io/v2.0/users” My Preferred method (I have also trialed v3.0)

When I create a user it changes my uid to all lowercase, this is quite crucial for our app structure.

Is there any form of fix for this? or do I have to create an awkward workaround and store the uid in the metadata so that it will not get transformed into lowercase.


The uid and guid in CometChat are case insensitive and thus transformed to lowercase.

The values to these attributes meant to be the primary keys of users and groups table/collection.

If your primary keys are case-sensitive, you can use md5 or sha1 hash to generate the uid/guid and store the primary keys into metadata.

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Thanks, this makes sense. And a more efficient way of doing it rather then using the metadata.

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