Call actions not updated properly

CometChat.addCallListener listener methods are not called at times for call actions on a group chat, we have followed exactly what comet chat documentation mentioned.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Initiate a call from a Group Chat.
  2. Call initiated action is received through the listeners.
  3. Once the call is dropped by either parties, the listeners are not updated of the respective actions.

Listeners used to achieve the flow:

  1. CometChat.CallListener in CometChat.addCallListener()
  2. CometChat.CallbackListener in CometChat.acceptCall()
  3. CometChat.CallbackListener in CometChat.rejectCall()
  4. CometChat.CallbackListener in CometChat.initiateCall()

Is this an existing bug in comet chat SDK or do we have to add anything else apart from the listeners?

Hello @Deepan
Below is the basic flow for calling in groups:

  1. A member of the group initiates the call.
  2. The initiation message is sent out to all the members of the group.
  3. If the call is rejected by any member of the group, the event is not sent to the group. Thus, the onOutgoingCallRejected event will never be triggered for a group.
  4. If a member of the group accepts the call, the onOutgoingCallAccepted event is triggered only for the initiator of the call.
  5. if for example there are 5 members who have joined the call, and end the call one by one, no event is triggered until one of the last two members end the call
  6. If no one accepts the call and the initiator of the call cancels the call, all the members of the group receive the onIncomingCallCancelled event.

Hope this helps.

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