Call activity not called on initiater after accepting the ring by accepter

Hi Team,
Sometimes while is screen is off for long time or few min and opening the app to make a call other end user not receiving the call even the push notification is received very much lately.

Sometimes on app opened i getting the incoming call and connecting it… it goes to CometcallActivity but the initiated user are still in outgoing call screen not moving to cometcallactivity …

why this happening…

while testing we are getting crash on ongoing call…we are not able to track the log errors

we get fatal issue for this crash while i check with crashlytics in my app i will list here…
we are trying to solve for long time and we checked with our end…but no clues as its happens on call we need your help to resolve it.

We detected a new fatal issue in line 1760

We detected a new fatal issue in line 212 line 212

We detected a new fatal issue in line 2141 line 2141$H.handleMessage

We detected a new fatal issue in line 774 line 774


Hi Team

Waiting for the response

Hello @aupriya
Can you please provide me with the version of the CometChat Pro Android SDK you are using so that i can check this at my end. Also, the latest version of the SDK is 2.0.4-beta1. If you are not on the latest version we suggest you upgrade to the latest version as the latest version consists of some Calling optimisations.
Do let us know if you still face this issue.



I am using the version same you mentioned above in my code

implementation ‘com.cometchat:pro-android-chat-sdk:2.0.4-beta1’

Hello @aupriya
Can you please share with a small video showing the issue so that we can better understand the issue and try to replicate this at our end. We tried to replicate this at our end and were unable to do so. Thus a video showing the steps would be really helpful. Also, i would need more logs from your side as i could not get any information out of the logs you shared. The exact crash logs would be of great help if you can get it.



I will share you ASAP

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