Call in application killed state

I’ve two question for you.

  1. Is there any way that I can get audio/video call, when application is not running or killed?
  2. when I received any notification through CometChat server. An alert shows automatically. I tried to fix this my side. But there no code for alert. While I receiving from Firebase or from own server. Everything is ok.

Please help me in this too.

Ankit Kumar

Hello @ankit.kumar,

Can you elaborate your queries in more detail probably with some screenshots so that we can help you with the same.

Hi @pushpsen.airekar,

Please find the screenshot for my 2nd question. I’m using custom alert when Receiving any push. but AlertController showing automatically.

Also help me to achieve the call in killed state.

using comet ver. - pod ‘CometChatPro’, ‘2.0.8-Xcode11.4’

Ankit Kumar

Hi @pushpsen.airekar,

Please help me in these above issues.
Most Imp is Video/Audio call in app’s background state. For other issue I’ve already added screenshot.


Its been many days i have been asking you fir your help can you help me to handle video and audio call when app is not running , its really urgent please help us out.

hello @stayBlessedTech,

Since we are using firebase for the push notifications, there is not support for push-kit from firebase which is required for the call-kit.
For now, you can receive the push notification for incoming calls.
Once, push notification is received you can convert the payload into a call object.
Using call object you can perform start call.

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