Call listener to check if the call is ongoing or ended for the user outside of the call or unanswered

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I need help in the below scenario,
Lets say, if user1 initiates a group call with user2 and user3.
user2 answers the call and call will be ongoing with user1
user3 unanswered. but later on user3 wants to join the call. How can we check if the session of a call is still available or not so I could achieve the functionality of join call like in Skype.

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Sai Ganesh Tanneru

Hello @saiganeshtanneru,

This can be easily achieved using the Direct Calling Flow. In the direct calling method, one can easily join an ongoing call with a session id. Starting v2.3.0, we have added one new method in the SDK which will give you a count of participants in a particular call. You can use this method to check if there are any participants present in the call and add the new user to the same call using CometChat.startCall(). However, the direct calling method does not trigger an incoming call listener on the receiver end. This you will have to handle at your end using Custom Messages.

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Mayur Bhandari

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