Call notification issue IOS (Urgent)

Dear Team,
We are implementing the cometchat call functionality in our iOS app, the situation we are facing stated herewith

  1. We are in foregrond → Call initiated from web → Received notification n simultaneously Accept n Decline Screen shown → Call completed with End Call button. Then if I am trying to call the user again that screen with Accept n Decline button didn’t shown up but received notification n also clicking on notification doing nothing. Along with that getting console log as Warning: Attempt to present <Flipspot.CometChatIncomingCall: 0x14fec8d90> on <Flipspot.DashBoardVC: 0x15085b000> which is already presenting (null)

  2. Same is the case when app is in background

  3. Found a case: Sometimes call initiated n we also received the screen of accept n decline button, but when trying to accept the call its showing me “Unable to accept call” whereas the call is established n users can talk too but in app we are stuck at the Accept n decline screen.

Help in this process will be highly appreciated. The files of AppDelegate and Dashboard from where we are performing the actions can be downloaded here: Dropbox - Appdelegate and dashboard - Simplify your life


Hello @flipspot ,

It won’t work ideally in the background, for that you need to handle it on tap of the push notification.
also, can you write this line before initialize() function in the app delegate.

CometChatCallManager().registerForCalls(application: self)

To understand this issue in a depth please share a short video with two simulators or devices so that we can look into this.

Pushpsen R. Airekar

Hi @pushpsen.airekar

This is the video response for Unable to accept call. Please let me know urgently how to resolve this.

Any help please @pushpsen.airekar

Hello @flipspot,

Thank you for sharing the video. I am closing this ticket as we are connected over email.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions at

Thank you.


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