Can 1 on 1 conversations between two users be transformed into a group?

As the title says, i’m interested in knowing whether i could alter an existing conversation between two users and have it become a group conversation.

This would be helpful if two people start talking about a particular subject in a direct conversation between them, but then they realize an additional person could be helpful in discussing that.
If they were to then start a new group conversation including the new person, they new guy wouldn’t have access to what they already discussed.

Thank you!

Hello @george.digitail,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert a one-on-one conversation to a group conversation at the moment. I have created a feature request for the same. You can upvote the Feature Request here.

However, you can achieve this by creating a group conversation for each one-to-one conversation on your platform & later if needed you can add other users to the same conversation.

Hope this helps.

Warm Regards,

Mayur Bhandari