Change in github android java code

Hi Team

I am just looking on the old android java sample code which not available in your github.

I have integrated and customized my android code with the previous one.

Kindly help me out.

Totally confused with this.

I want to add the custom ringtone for call message (notification) and default notification for the message i receive.

But this change in github code really get me to worry.

Where is this code?

I almost done my app on customised.

Help me out please
i have attached the screenshot of the code where i have integrated with mine.

waiting for the response?

Hi @aupriya,

We have updated our GitHub repositories with latest UI Kit code. Please visit the documentation to know more about UI Kit.

To add custom notification ringtone for call message notification, you need to store your ringtone file either in raw or assets folder and from there you need to pass it in notification.setSound().


For default ringtone, you can use RingtoneManager.getDefaultUri().

hi @darshan.bhanushali,

I have integrated your last github code with my app 4 months before and customized fully for us.

Now you changed the entire github repository code.

Do you think ? how can i handle this with my entire project?

So that last code wont work ? or it has bugs?

What to do with this? No support for it.

Hello @aupriya
We have just migrated android Java sample app to use the UI Kit as it is a cleaner and more modular approach. The code is still available in the repo and can be access by visiting the below link:

In case, you encounter any bugs or issues, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out with the same


Hi @aditya.gokula
Your code in repo seems entirely different from the previous code.

As you know i am have integrated your previous code in my app.

Can’t i go with it?

i am using the SDK ’ implementation ‘com.cometchat:pro-android-chat-sdk:2.0.3’’

Now you changed the code 12 days back in github.

If i integrate again with the new code?

What to do if you again change it with new repo code in next 3 months?

Do i have to integrate again?

Is it possible for me if my app already launched?

As my current one is 90% done now again i have to integrate this as you have migrated.

My question is can i launch my app that integrated with previous one? if i get bug with it, do i get support from you ?

Hello @aupriya,
I understand your concerns. However, we have just changed the sample app to use our UI Kit as its a much cleaner interface and super easy to integrate and modify.

I would suggest if you are done with the implementation you can go forward with your current implementation

I would also recommend you give the UI Kit a try at your end and then decide if you need to implement the same in your app

We can assure you that there won’t be such major changes to the repo as UI kit is going to be the way forward considering the ease of integration for developers

In case you face any issues with the current implementation we will be happy to assist you with the same.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply update and we saw the new UI kit it modular and clear.

Hi @aditya.gokula,

The new UI kit doesn’t have voice message to share.

And in previous one it had voice message and it has problem. On every voice message was corrupted at receiving end.

So this feature is available in next update?

Hi @aupriya,

The Voice Message feature is available in the latest UI Kit.
You can refer to this sample app.


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