Chat not fetching on APK


We installed the cometchat 2 beta last month but ever since doing so, whenever we click on a chat, sometimes the caht doesn’t fetch and its stuck on loading conversation. We need to close chat and reopen few times until chat will load properly. There is no error log and we are unsure how to fix this, is there an solution?

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Hi @flipspot,

Please use our latest SDK v2.0.4-beta1.

To know more visit our documentation

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That version is beta, which is not stable. we are using V2.0, and we have been having this issue for the last 4months with the older version as well. Sometimes you click on the chat and it doesn’t fetch and is stuck on loading, we need to exit , wait few second and reopen chat for it to load.

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Hi @flipspot,

Can you help us to know the SDK version you are using and if you are referring any sample app can you share the link.?
So that we can check at our end.

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Our latest beta version is stable and will be graduated to GA next week. So you can safely use it.


Will upgrading to 2.0.4-beta 1 interfere with any other plugins/layout such as typing indicators or read receipts. Lst time we updated it removed/changed everythign.

Also will this bug be fixed by updating to the latest version, or are you just assuming it will be fixed? Have you heard of my issue before and understand what i’m saying, i’ve been posting the same issue on slack last 3months as well, it’s not new issue

??? is there any solution to this

Hello @flipspot,
We are unable to replicate the issue mentioned by you at our end. We suggest using the latest version of the SDK as it consists of various optimisations and failsafes added. If after upgrading to the latest version you still encounter the issue, we would like some more information from you:

  1. Which version of the Java sample app you are using as reference to add to your project.
  2. Have you tried the latest Java reference app available. As, just like the SDK, the Java sample apps have also, undergone some optimisations and fixes

Also, it would be great if you could share video or some screenshots that will help us debug the issue better.

We would also suggest having a look at our recently launched UI Kit which is our ready to use UI solution.

If you see here the 2.1 version isn’t stable. we are using 2.0 , and when you click on a chat, it doesn’t load properly, you need to re open the chat few times before it loads, would you like me to send a video or something?

Hello @flipspot,
The 2.1 version is in beta as it consists of the new Calling Component which allows customisations. Other than that, ,there is no changes in the versions 2.0 and 2.1.
So in case you are happy with the current Calling Component, you do not need to move to the 2.1 version and can upgrade to the latest stable version which is 2.0.3.
Please upgrade to 2.0.3 and let us know if you still face the issue. In case you do, please provide us with a video for the same so that it helps is understand the issue better.
Also, please let us know the version of the java app you guys are referring to and has the app been updated from our sample java app repo

The issue is this.

When i open the chats tab, if i click on a conversation before the last message is fetched and displayed, it is stuck on loading page. I need to exit the chat and wait for last message to fetch and show on chat, then i can click on chat and load.

This logic is not right.

Just to be clear are you facing the issues while fetching the Conversations or while fetching the messages…?

See this video, you will understand what i mean by chat not loading whilst messages are being fetched (quite slowly)

you can see after 3-4 times of clicking Jason it finally loads, until then it’s not fetching.

How are you fetching the list of Conversations…?
Are you using the ConversationnsRequest class for the same…?
Also, Can you please leave the chat page for Jason to load for a little longer and provide me with the error obtained in the onError block while fetching messages. Knowing the error obtained will help us get to the root cause of the issue
Awaiting Reply

My developer said there is no error log.

We are using the logic used when we upgraded to V2 and actually this issue has been happening since last year. Sometimes we click on the chat and even after 2-3minutes it doesn’t fetch. We need to give the chats page 10-15 seconds page to load, then we can click on chat.

But to the customer, they are clicking on the chat before this period and it’s hence stuck, so we are getting complaints that chats are not fetching.

We are fetching as per the v2 pro doc

Can you share the logic to fetch chats with us so that we can have a look…?

We followed exactly the document as V2 fetch messages, but i will get a snippet to show you

when i am fetching the value from cometchat server some time response not getting so that it not continouslly loading

Is this fetching issue coming from cometchat servers end, as theres few second delay that is not coming from our side, and if user clicks on a chat during this period, the chat will not load as it’s nto fully fetched.

my developer said this is cometchats issue end.

any solution for this one