Collision Issue with existing Kingfisher library

Not sure if I’m alone here but I recently dropped in the UIKit library only to receive conflict (ambiguous / namespace) errors because my app was already using Kingfisher (CometChatPro UIKit provides Kingfisher wrapped) to handle images. The UIKit library uses a public var of “kf” in its extension files but so does the Kingfisher library (again UIKit provides Kingfisher wrapped). The only way I’ve found around this would be to modify the extension file for the UIKit (and all related files) to another variable name which I don’t like due to future updates possibly wiping out the changes. Namespacing with class in my code (CometChatPro.kf etc…) doesn’t work either.

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Hello @sid,

We have already replaced the Kingfisher library with the name CometFisher so that it won’t conflict with the kingfisher library that exists in your project.
We are also replacing the variable names used in the library in our next release so that after updating the library you’ll won’t face this issue again.


That’s great to hear. I look forward to the release. Thanks @pushpsen.airekar!

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Hello @sid,

We have released UI Kit - v1.0.1-beta with below improvements.


  • Forward Message, Share Message.
  • Date headers.
  • Copy - Paste: Single & Multiple Messages.


  • Toast with Snackbar.
  • CometFisher with CometChatKingfisher.


  • Minor performance improvements.

Kindly, visit the below github repositories for the same.
UI Kit:
UI Kit Sample App:


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