Comet Chat Pro Issues with Angular


There are some issues that I am facing while using Comet Chat Pro version 2.0.

I am using it in the Angular version 6.

  1. Initialisation Error in Single Page Application.
    First time initialisation is not giving any error but when we log out and log in again it throws an error at the console. is there a logout option in comet chat pro?

  2. We were on the Comet Chat GO version before this and it had a simplified docked version. I am unable to find the plug and play docked mode in comet chat pro.

  3. Is there any way to display comet chat in our application without using UI KIT. (Comet chat pro)?

  4. Dependency issue for Angular Version 6 in message-list.component.ts (Line No. 34)
    Because in angular 6 @ViewChild takes only 1 parameter (In Angular UI kit) and in Angular 7/8 it takes two parameters.

  5. In Comet chat GO, there was a feature to make 2 users as friends for a certain time period. It would take start and end time and make 2 users friends only for that given duration. I cannot seem to find the same feature in Comet Chat Pro.

  6. This is a performance issue: Currently, comet chat takes 1 to 2 s to load friends/chat/groups even when information is quite less. But what will be the scenario when a user has more than 1000 friends or even more?

  7. We intend to build and APK for the angular project once the development in done using cordova. Should I be concerned about the compatibility of cometchat pro with mobile devices? As we have shifted to Pro only because we were told it works with mobile as well.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Hello @firecrust

Regarding this can you please update to the latest version. We believe that should resolve this issue. The latest version is 2.0.8-beta1.

Currently the Angular UI Kit has only one UI theme. We do plan to add other themes in our UI Kit. However, we cannot provide you with a timeline for the same.

Yes, CometChat Pro provides two options to the developers.

  1. Use the UI kit with the ready to use UI
  2. Build your own UI from scratch using our SDK

I believe that the @ViewChild should work with a single parameter. You might require some modifications to be done in the UI Kit. However, with you having the entire code for the UI Kit, that should not be a show stopper.

We don’t have this feature in CometChat Go or Pro. But in Pro, you can use our API to dynamically add and remove friends.

We have recently release a performance enhancement patch on our API end. This has brought about drastic improvements in the response times. We are very confident that with this path, the response times for our APIs should drop to milliseconds. In case you still face this issue, please do get back to us and we will be happy to look at it for you.

Yes, we support Cordova. So you will be able to create mobile apps.

Hope this answers your queries

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Issue regarding initialization
I updated the comet chat with the latest version 2.0.8-beta1. But still, I am facing the same issue.
If I refresh the page every time when I logout then it is working. But I do not want to refresh the page after logout.

Hello @Rahul,

We are unable to reproduce this issue on our end. Can you please try our angular sample app and let us know if you face this issue in our sample app or not.

Angular Sample App:

In your sample app when you logout you refresh the page that’s why the issue is not replicating.

 logout = () => {
    CometChat.logout().then(() => {
      location.href = '/';

location.href=’/’ refresh the page
I am using


This will not refresh the page.
Please find the attachment below where you can see the page refreshing in your sample app when I pressed the logout button.

Hello @Rahul,

Please update to the latest JS SDK v2.0.12.

Warm Regards,

CometChat Pro
Mayur Bhandari

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