Comet chat some minor problem

We have below problem when sample app testing on live instance.

  1. Uploading files(image, track, document) is taking time
  2. Need tool tip for every button
  3. Group chat not able to see blue ticks after message was read

Hello @devidas,

  1. Can you please attach some screenshot displaying how much time is it taking to send a media message?

  2. Can you please elaborate on this issue? I think you are talking about the buttons on the call screen.

    • If yes, the buttons of calling are not customizable. However, we are working on making the calling UI as customizable as we can. Our new calling component is still in beta, you can try it by updating to v2.1.0-beta1.

    • If not then please elaborate on your issue.

  3. If a message has a readAt field, then it means it has been read by all the users. If you are talking about real-time events when a message is read by everyone in the group, I would like you to have a look at this answer here.

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