Comet Video Chat not working after update (2.0.8 to 2.1.0)

Hi there,
I am using comet chat version 2.0.8 but in this version, I am not able to do a video chat in ios mobile in chrome/safari.
For this, I found the following link [](http://Calling support in IOS)
After reading this link I update the comet chat to 2.1.0. But after update, my video chat is not working on any device. You can find the attachment below.

I am using your Angular Kit for this.
When I update the Comet chat (2.1.0) in your kit, the same error occurs.

Hello @Rahul,
can you check the region key in your CONTS.ts file ? if the region=‘US’? can you please make it lowercase(‘us’)? and try and see if it works?

By this, video chat is working fine on desktop.
But the main problem still exists. As I prveiously mention that I updated the comet chat version because the video chat is not working on ios devices(mobile).

By updating the version to 2.1.0 the video chat is still not working.

@Rahul We have tested video calling in iOS browsers and it is working fine. Video calling will only work in the safari browser as iOS doesn’t allow the camera access to 3rd party browser(chrome, firefox). If you are using a Safari browser and still facing this issue we suggest checking the camera permission to the browser.

Thank You