Comet Video Chat (Remote User Stream) - javascript

How can i get remote stream in video chat comet chat pro v2 - javascript

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Hello @chavaraAibel,

You can show a video of the remote user by sending a div to our SDK start call method. I am sharing the link of our Sample App below so that you can check the implementation.

Currently, CometChat does not provide any way to get the stream of the remote user.

You can create a thread in the feature request section of the forum. This section is monitored by our product team. Once you create a thread in the forum, the product team can then decide when this feature needs to be taken up and provide you with an update regarding the same.

To visit the Feature Request section, you can click on the below link:

I think you forget to share the sample app link

Hello @chavaraAibel,

I am sorry for missing out on the link in my previous reply. I am sharing the link below:

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