CometChat.callExtension returns "Invalid value 'undefined' for header 'authToken'"


I receive auth token according to documentation and pass it durring login

ComentChat works fine in general but when I execute something like

CometChat.callExtension(‘reactions’, ‘POST’, ‘v1/react’, {
msgId: “1111”,
emoji: “:emoji:”

the response is:
error: {message: “Invalid value “undefined” for header “authToken””}

Though I can see that right headers were passed with request:
appid: 111111111111111
authtoken: 1111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111_111111111…111

where first part of the token is a right user uid and the last part was generated somehow. I also can see this auth token on the page …/ user / auth tokens

Request is sent to from Angular app.

Also need to mention that this implementation was already working before and looks like nothing was changed in code or coment chat configuration since then (unless I missed something). Maybe there’re some tech issues on your side or you have any ideas? Thanks

Hello @kate,

We have identified the issue and also released a patch fix for the same. The issue was not from your end, the value of authToken was sent correctly but there was an issue with processing the authToken at our end.

Please check once from your end and let us know.


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