Cometchat crash

Hey guys,

We have installed cometchat to our IOS app, however we have set up some pre-suggested messages prior to starting a conversation. If user clicks on any of the three, it crashes, with this error log where its cashing:

Flipspot/ForCommetChat/UIScreens/Messages/MessageList/CometChatMesssageList — Line No. - 3212

Fatal error: Index out of range: file /Library/Caches/, line 444

2020-08-13 16:52:05.089912+0530 Flipspot[2321:1112228] Fatal error: Index out of range: file /Library/Caches/, line 444

Can you guys provide some help in how to resolve this or tackle this issue?

Your prompt response is highly appreciated, many thanks

Hello @flipspot,

It seems that you are using UI Kit library but you’ve modified the source code, which reflects in crash while managing the array of list of messages in CometChatMesssageList. We suggest you check code while pulling messages, inserting new messages, and receiving new messages, and grouping them in sections.


Hi @flipsoft

Closing this issue due to inactivity. Please let me know if you still face any issue we would love to help you out.