CometChat Emoticons

We are recently started using CometChat with our application with a VueJs frontend. One of our attractions to CometChat was the support for emoticons as read on the website. I have been searching for how we can implement this but unable to find this anywhere? I also played with your Demo site but clicking on the emoticons shows only text and not the icon itself.
Kindly advice!

Hello @stevepop.

Apologies for the late response.

Emojis are handled properly by the mobile platforms. When it comes to the web, there has to be handled explicitly. That is where our Emojis extension comes in. Please find the documentation linked here

Moreover, we also have stickers extension. You can find the documentation here.

For displaying the set of emojis besides your keyboard on the Vue Web app, you can use a library from npm (for eg: emoji-mart-vue-fast)