CometChat messageList

Hi team,
First Thanks for your great support.You always be here for our help.

I have facing an issue when I open chatMessageList View. When I go from conversationList then it going fine because it goes from “didselectrow” method.But I want same thing without going conversation list.
When we click on button then direct messageList view should be appear without going to conversationList.

Please guide me , for this logic.It’s really needed.

On button I have “UID” but where can I use this?
Send thing , If I want to chat with new person who is not in my chat list.On button click I want new user which is registered but not in my chat list.How I show messageListView in that case?
I hope you reply instantly.
Thanks a lot I advance.

Hi @flipspot

Can we get a screenshot or video for the same so that the problem can be understood more properly. We would love to help you out with this logic. Also some code snippet of that would be great for understanding purpose.

Hi @flipspot

Closing this issue as there is no activity. Please feel free to reopen a new issue if you face it again we would be happy to help you out