Cometchat React Setup for Laravel

Hello there. I integrated react build file based on cometchat chat kit on a laravel project…But there are bugs to be fixed, the react not functioning properly…1) the chat box may not load for some users, you’d have to refresh to see or doesn’t even load. 2) messaging not instant

Please let me know what requirements/dependencies that will be required to make it work seamlessly.

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Hello @qween,
it’s really difficult to debug from the information you have provided. but just from the errors you have mentioned, it looks like that user is not able to login to CometChat. we will be able to help you if you can share your implementation details and some more information like the network call tab from your debugging console.

I think the kit i used is outdated. i used this:
is that right?

About how i initially integrated;

There is another installation procedure here.Can i please have a live session or video guide to install these procedures on my laravel app?

Currently on trial version for cometchat pro. Plan to upgrade if this works.

@ajay.gajra awaiting your solution to this please

Hello @qween

Let me get back to you on this asap…

ok cant wait. Thanks

Hi @qween,

We tried using your code to reproduce the issue and got the error with missing blade file:

Please provide us with the minimum files to reproduce this issue.

I have fixed this thank you


Really glad to know that you have fixed the issue. We will really appreciate it if you could post the solution here for others who might encounter the same issue.