Cometchat SDK not importing - Android Studio

I have been trying to use CometChat to build a simple chat app. Im following the steps to set up the CometChat SDK but the implementation keeps failing and I cannot find any solutions. Any suggestions?

Hello @kadur1
Can you please also share the project-level gradle file where you have added the url to the maven repository


Here is my project-level gradle file. @aditya.gokula

This looks ok to me…
Have you made any changes to the settings.gradle file as well ?
Can you please share that too


I haven’t made any changes there. @aditya.gokula

Can you please try adding the maven url in the dependencyResolutionManagement in the settings.gradle file. Somehow, the url is not being used from the project level gradle file. This could be due to changes in the latest gradle version.
Just add
maven { url ‘’ }

to the dependencyResolutionManagement section. This should hopefully fix the problem. In case you are still facing any issues, please do let us know and we will be happy to dig deeper into this



Yep, this worked. Thank you! @aditya.gokula

No Problem. Happy to help :slight_smile:

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