CometChat Widget messages not appearing from other users until refresh

I am using the Chat widget, creating groups dynamically using the REST API. It seems to be working well from the back end - no errors, and the browser console reports proper initialization of the Widget and login for the users.

The problem is that the messages do not appear in the widget until the browser is refreshed. I am using three different browsers on three different computers with three different users, all in the same room.

One of the computers receives all of the messages immediately whether running on Chrome or Edge.

The other two computers do not display new messages until the browser is refreshed. No JavaScript errors are being reported.

What should I look at to correct this situation so that the messages are displayed immediately, as expected?

Okay, this one appeared to be my fault. I was signed on with the same CometChat user on two of the devices. I guess CometChat wouldn’t know which device to send the data. Thanks anyway!

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