Configure FCM key for multiple comechat app dynamically

can I use same FCM key in different cometchat app for enabling push notification? if no, then Do I need to manually create different firebase project to get FCM key for different cometchat app or Is there any dynamic process to configure firebase to cometchat app?

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Hi @aksh0377,

Yes, you can use the same FCM Key with multiple CometChat Pro Apps.

The current implementation is based on FCM topics with the following pattern for the topic name:
For logged in user: <appId>_user_<UID> e.g.: 10934a45ad3efc2_user_superhero1
For a joined group: <appId>_group_<GUID> e.g.: 10934a45ad3efc2_group_supergroup

Since the topic name has appId in it, it is possible to use the same FCM key with multiple Apps.

Warm Regards,

Ketan Yekale
CometChat Pro

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